His intentions were sold but desire more modifnya Alvian first in the hearts of residents of East Ploso VA gg no 16a of Surabaya. "Got a daddy's, but cool like negotiable just had a little bit," opened.
Believed to outlets owned MODIF Hendro from Anugrah Motor Rungkut region Kedung Asem, the father is still his old friend.

Alteration at the feet of most so-foot focus. Ass tube front spindles replaced with upside-down model of Taiwanese products. Solid profile fit right with Ninja Tromol wide double disc underneath. DID rim of the big plus size front 250 rear.

Plek-plek pair lived Renthal handlebar added of the product. A slightly modified bracket caliper setup again so do not stand too grind brake, the solution other than adding some fruit also ring setting free the bracket in position.

Rear swing arm also dicustom again, used a modified swingarm Karisma's becoming more muscular. "Charisma has a much thicker material and the length fit, so deliberately chosen," commentator Hendro. If already gini, Alvian so confused measurement his breast removed.

Rim: DID 250/17, Tromol: Ninja double disc, BAN: Blackstone & Duro, SOK DPN: USD Taiwan, KALIPER: Marsochi two pistons, handlebar: Renthal, SWINGARM: Custom, Exhaust: 3v3, KARBU: Mikuni 32 boxes, LIGHTS DPN: Pro Mega, modifier: Anugerah Motor Jl. Rungkut Kedung Asem 113 Surabaya, Tel. (031) 83386684, 081615399292, 081230472975